pedestrian accident


It is easy to visualize a person being struck by a vehicle while walking through an intersection on a busy city street. However, impaired driving and distracted driving often result in pedestrian accidents on suburban and rural streets as well. Drunk driving, excessive speed, inattention to walkers and joggers due to texting, and failure to obey stop signs and crosswalks, are frequent causes of significant bodily injury.

Pedestrian accidents pose some unique issues which require the knowledge and skill of an experienced attorney.

  • Who is responsible for medical bills and lost wages?
  • What happens if the accident is a “hit and run?”
  • How do you prove the driver was at fault?

Blunt force trauma, limb fractures and wrongful death can result from pedestrians being struck by cars, trucks, buses or motorcycles. If you or a loved one has been injured by a negligent driver let Attorney John Dorn review your case for you at NO CHARGE and advise you of your legal rights.

All personal injury matters including, pedestrian accidents, are handled on a contingent fee basis which means there is NO FEE until your mater is successfully resolved.